MSSP series


  • Self-priming pump: Configured in a special construction to achieve higher self-priming capacity and shorter pumping time.
  • Additional Foot Valve is not necessary. It performs exhaust pumping when first changed to reduce the trouble of pouring water.
  • Coupling Type: Designed in Back-Pull-Out type. The pump is separated from the motor to provide a stronger structure and more convenient maintenance. It is configured with more flexibility (it can be modified according to the change of fluid and production conditions required by the customer). Further, it also supports API vibration specification and shaft seal flushing specification.
  • Semi-open impeller Design: Suitable for pumping liquid containing particles, longer fiber objects or mud (in case of clean fluid, it can be set to sealed impeller model).
  1. 產業工廠給水、排水用
  2. 建築工事給水、排水用
  3. 農耕栽培灌溉、排水用
  4. 防洪排水用
  5. 下水道污水或汙水處理廠汙水輸送
  6. 化學液體、溶劑、食品等輸送